Airline trip tips for transatlantic twin towns

header_landing.jpgYes, but do they have those Gotham buskers? We ask because a neat new website dubbed metrotwin has emerged, a site that’s about both London and New York, and a site that’s from the airline that says it carries more travellers between the two metropoli than any other. But British Airways is so far relatively subtle about its sponsorship. BA’s digital marketing manager, Chris Davies, says that it will rely on user-generated content for the unique element of the site: “it twins recommendations in each city, which users recommend. So if you are looking for the Selfridges of New York, or NYC version of your favourite Sushi restaurant in London, you’ll find it on”

Davies adds in an interview with e-consultancy that “the site is not about driving traffic to as a primary objective.” We hear that the entries will be rated by the users, and that entries will be down to the neighborhood level. But ya sort kinda have to wonder if people don’t fly between the two cities to find what’s unique, not what’s similar.

Of the 1.63 million annual bookings between New York and London, BA has about 33% (and about 38% of the seats). Virgin Atlantic is second, with 27% of the bookings and 23% of the seats, according to an August filing with the US Transportation Department. It’s locked in a bitter battle with Virgin over premium flyers, and Virgin seems to be doing well.

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