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After a life fighting the 800-pound gorilla of Cleveland, Fred Krum retires

Fred Krum retires from the Akron/Canton airport after a career of fighting giants.

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Shuttle change as Delta adds first class DCA-LGA-BOS

Delta’s latest: first-class Shuttle seats

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Nonagenarian Kahn’s wisdom: no reregulation

Alfred Kahn goes to the Airports Council and warns against airline reregulation.

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Left Field takes off

Left Field flies away but will report in

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Lufthansa takes spring break to the airline’s web

Luftie websites play to students, premium flyers.

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Fuel surcharges disappear in Great White Transparency

Candian carriers ‘dropping’ fuel surcharges? Not quite.

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Ancillaries cheaper than an airport shop

Passengers grumble about fees – but pay them.

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Happy in Hagerstown? Flights may return

Allegiant Air may come to a service-starved western Maryland airport

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Second-bag fee chain effect? United moves first

United doubles the second bag fee to $50. Who will follow?

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Atlanta battle ammo is double Delta, AirTran points

AirTran, Delta battle it out at their Atlanta home base.

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