Lufthansa takes spring break to the airline’s web

genflylounge.jpgLufthansa moved deeper into social marketing with what it calls the airline industry’s only social networking site created specifically for college students. It opened GenFlyLounge, which lets members post feedback on their travel experiences, rate places and events. The airline’s on-line product manager, Florian Gmeiner, calls GenFlyLounge “a student travel matching service.” It can cross-reference a registered member’s identified preferences with other user-generated content so users can check out specifc places or hotels. This is an attempt to play on the student generation’s trust of its peers, or, one might say, to play off the distrust of anyone over 30. The site is an extension of Lufthansa’s microsite, GenerationFly, which offers discounts to students.

The airline also expanded a site for grownups that uses multimedia to pitch Lufthansa’s premium services and help differentiate the from its rivals.We’re not sure how they found the time, in between buying other airlines such as Brussels, making a pitch for SAS and making scads of money.

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  1. Matt Povey September 26, 2008 at 4:25 am #

    I made my first flights about fifteen years ago using Lufthansa’s deal for young people. I think it was something like up to four sectors around Europe at ~200GBP a sector (probably less – can’t remember). At the time it was a good deal and an op-up to Business on my second ever flight left me with the warm and fuzzies about Lufthansa ever since.

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