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Frequent flyer minimum mile awards are less so

Minimum frequent-flyer awards fly away – except for elites.

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Leapin’ lapin in the Sacramento airport

Sacramento airport’s Big Red Bunny Rabbit?

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Wave this credit card, and we’ll waive the bag fee

Have an elite-level credit card? No extra bag fees for you…

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Kayak’s back, but American’s mum

Kayak “delighted” to regain access to American fares; American, busy suing Yahoo, has nothing to say.

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Next for aviation deregulation: the infrastructure

Regulation Bad. Reregulation Worser. So up next, airports?

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Talk about your airborne advertising

They won’ advertise inside the plane at Airtran, but, everywhere else is fair game

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Airline deregulation after three decades

Not quite a guest blogger, Bill Swelbar talks about deregulation in his Swelblog.

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New in New York: JetBlue’s new JFK terminal

JetBlue finally opens its new New York terminal.

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Blaming the boss at UAL

Let’s blame Glenn – no matter what.

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Complex ancillary fees, no easy answers (yet)

A senator wonders why fares and surcharges aren’t lower and why fees aren’t simpler. One silly question, one rather good one.

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