Airline deregulation after three decades

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Okay, this is not something we do every day but today we will because it is the thirtieth anniversary of airline deregulation. The debate (let’s re-regulate the airlines) is pretty much over because it would (choose your cliché) be hard to unscramble the omelette, put the toothpaste back in the tube, or undo the underpinnings of a massive system. (Choose as many as you’d like.) But with Barack Obama likely heading to the White House in January, in part because he has vowed a thorough overhaul of financial regulation, drug regulation, and housing regulation, we will refer loyal Left Fielders to a post by our friend Bill Swelbar. His Swelblog takes a good look at what happened and how it happened and where we’re going and things like that. Bill is always worth reading, even if you agree with him on most everything.

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