American does something for high flyers



These are silly ads. Really. You can look at them here or here and see that yourself. Left Field wouldn’t tell you they’re silly unless they were in fact silly. But (BIG BUT) they have two distinctions: the airline is advertising when nobody else is, and more importantly it’s actually doing something for its best customers. American is playing to premium flyers with plans to set up special lanes with dedicated priority boarding and screening (where TSA allows). American’s Mark Mitchell, in charge of ‘customer experience’ says the plan is to offer “benefits that provide a differentiated experience for our customers at the ticket counters, at security checkpoints, and at the gate.”

The PriorityAAccess will be for flyers in first and business, elite level members of the AAdvantage loyalty program and full-fare coach customers (that rarest chromosome, the unadorned Ys).

The ads, by the way, are about a film producer working with a rather temperamental if not outright annoying director. “This commercial highlights how we all work with difficult people from time to time,” says flakster Bill Oakley of TM Advertising. In case you’re wondering if American is the difficult one, he adds, “We hope American Airlines can, at times, serve as an escape.” The ads are part of American’s ‘We Know Why You Fly’ campaign.

This series does have a clever entry, one showing two co-workers desperately trying to get on an early flight so they can avoid a ‘team-building’ exercise. We hope they made it

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