Leapin’ lapin in the Sacramento airport

This one is just too good to resist: out in Sacramento, the capital of California, they’re planning a lot of airport improvements, including – this is weird but true – a 56-foot-long red rabbit leaping into the airport as a centerpiece of the facility’s new terminal. The local city council debated the rabbit and said last night that it liked the $800,000 idea. The bunny’s pere, a Denver University art professor, says that even though “people are going to go, why a rabbit, it doesn’t make sense,” the hare, a sort of orangey red “stimulates speed but represents the warmth of Sacramento.” The artist, Lawrence Argent, gained some note during the Democratic National Convention in his home town with a three-story blue bear that was peering into the convention center as the delegates debated. This however is a non-partisan lapin.

An airport spokeswoman says the rabbit along with two other pieces of public art won unanimous approval despite some grousing in the local paper. We thank the Sacramento Bee for the tip.

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  1. William Shea, California Trnasportation Foundation Board. October 31, 2008 at 9:14 pm #

    Available as speaker

    A past FAA Associate Administrator for Airports.
    See Aviation Week October 27 edition,, page 12, Whos Where,last item under Honors and Elections..RE: Bill Decota, NY/NYJ Port Authority, receives William F,. Shea Award.

    See Bill Shea Aviation…Google.

    Bill Shea

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