After 50 years, LAN rolls out some memories

Our friends in Chile have an interesting promotion to mark the fiftieth anniversary of its first LAN flight to the US: they’ve set up a website that lets people send a customized on-line version of vintage LAN postcards with photo and a message that can be shared with friends. A winner will be drawn at random in December – but the winner gets five roundtrip economy-class ti
ckets. If you go the site, you’ll see that you can add your own mugshot to the postcards. (Left Field is not in the card above, we hasten to add.)

The first flight, into Miami, was with a then-new Douglas DC-6; the Boeing 707 allowed New York services in 1968, a decade later. We don’t pretend to understand the chances of lottery-type contests, but the vintage cards on the site are fascinating, and so we present one of our own here. We also note, in passing, that we are very glad that LAN was able to resist the political pressures of the 1970s to buy Ilyushin IL-62s. It might never have reached these shores.

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