Pittsburgh gets new service

bus.jpgPlanes, trains and busses. Everyone knows that the Pittsburgh airport has taken a serious blow since US Airways downgraded it from a hub to a focus city to a spot on its route map. Even with word that Delta will fly between the city and Paris, the region’s suffering. Comes now word that at least one city in the region has new service from Pitt. Sort of. It’s not a flight but a bus, a very nice bus, which will fly, er drive directly between Pittsburgh’s downtown and the state’s capital city, Harrisburg. Dubbed the Steel City Flyer, the bus is to be operated by a company called Railroad Development Corp. This company owns rail lines in Iowa, Chile, Argentina, and Guatemala. 

It says it might add more destinations if the Steel City Flyer is successful. The idea makes sense, because the bus, operated by a local company called DeBolt,


will go to the Amtrak station in Harrisburg. From there, it’s a relatively fast ride over new rails that the Commonwealth helped pay for to speed the train trip to Philadelphia – and from there the whole Northeast. No word on how Henry Posner of the RRDC will get to his Iowa Interstate Railroad, though.

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