Yes, holiday airfares are up. And down

The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the sun goes down early…it must be time for a story on holiday airfares. Left Field, for one, is glad of this because some of the self-proclaimed airfare experts havemarketplace.jpg been marking the rounds out there about how there really are still a lot of bargains to be found. Our point is this: airlines will always have sales and promotions and the big print will always say 30% or 50% off. The important point is how much that percentage is off, and in this year’s travel environment, it’s off a much higher base. We were pleased when the Public Radio show Marketplace called the other day and asked us to discuss this (even though their headline was sort of the opposite of our point.) Also on the show was our friend Richard Aboulafia. You can listen here. 

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