Southwest pilots keep their discontent in the family

nuts-about-sw-header.jpgA rare grumbling is heard. Or seldom is heard a discouraging word at least at Southwest Airlines. But the airline’s pilots union seems to have joined their cross-town counterparts at American Airlines in criticising their management. But there’s a big difference: the Allied Pilots Association at American is making its very loud grumblings in any forum it can find. But over at Southwest, what dissatisfaction there is comes


within the family, as it were: on the corporate blog.The Southwest Airline Pilots Association and indeed other LUV employees have used the Nuts About Southwest blog to jump on the airline’s plans for a code share with Mexico’s Volaris. Says one, “As an employee, I’m disgusted with the continued outsourcing of our jobs. I guess the company loves us all, unless they can find someone to do the job that we could do for cheaper. This is just one step closer to ‘Southwest the travel agent,’ not ‘Southwest AIRLINES.’”

And other Southwest poster writes, “This should be potentially very concerning, especially to flight attendants and pilots, but as well to other employee group! We could do this OURSELVES and in very close to this timeframe. The same can be said for the WestJet codeshare. Troubling times, folks…”

We’d also note that at American, the discontent is not limited to the pilots. The airline’s flight attendants, in the form of the APFA, plan a fairly large


commemoration of their “historic” 1993 strike against American. The APFA’s strike lasted between November 18 and 22 that year, and the union now plans to demonstrate at several key American airports. “Holding picket signs that read ‘Remember November’ and ‘We Are Still Willing,’ flight attendants will commemorate their successful 1993 strike while reminding management that they are determined to win a good contract, even if they must take the ultimate step to get it.”

At right is the new leadership of the union, formally the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. First from the right is Laura Glading, the union’s president, who won a hotly contested election on promises of more militancy.

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  1. Krzysztof Sliwa November 3, 2010 at 5:22 am #

    just what Obama really means, is the fact we shouldn’t return on the same old failed policies belonging to the last 5, 000 several years, not just the previous 8 years…History does employ a way of repeating once more. It’s ironic that none belonging to the people we seem to elect be aware that…!?

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