Singapore adds ancillaries as Left Field yaks extras on NPR

product_thumb.jpgNew from the small change department, bureau of nickels and dimes. Left Field was on the NPR (National Public Radio) show Morning Edition, blabbing about airline fees and charges and the prospect for change. (as it were.) Click on this link to listen, but here are a few more things for the complainers to complain about, including the US Airways plan to start selling pillows and blankets on board and a move by United to show you that they may be skin-flints charging you for your checked bag – but it’s still a better deal than the famed overnight purple machine.

US Airways tells its employees in their most recent newsletter that that it doesn’t yet have a date for selling the blankies and pillows, but they’ll costs about $7, while United says that if you don’t trust it to carry your bag and you don’t want to pay them, that’s okay.
You can check it into FedEx when you check in at United, but it will cost: $149 for a flight under 1,000 miles, and $179 for longer flights. This is only avaible on domestic flights. Before you start complaining, this is less than some of the existing bag-schlepping services: $325 to $375 was the quote for an overnight bag delivery from one of the companies that specialises in carrying unaccompanied bags.

But if these are such bad things, why is one of the world’s best airlines (arguably the best) doing it too? Singapore Airlines just announced it will sell guaranteed seating in an exit row for $50 a segment. The airline said that it will also offer other categories of preferred seats in the future. (This option is not good on short-haul routes in Southeast Asia or on Singapore’s 777-200ER.)

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