Airport havens have a hot spot

haven_photo_1.jpgAh for a haven. You know the kind of spot the have in mind: the little corner of the airport between the baggage ramps and the chapel where no one goes and where it’s quiet and where they don’t have TV’s blaring or announcements that the moving stairs are about to end. Now a company has launched a contest to help locate these airport havens. And post the findings. Left Field is not sure we approve of this effort because once a secret spot is posted, it’s not a secret anymore.

And we’d note that the contest sponsor is a company that makes screens to cover your laptop’s screen so that people sitting near you cannot see what you’re working on on the screen. A look at the entries so far is not encouraging: one lady says she likes the hustle and bustle of Washington’s Reagan National in the main terminal.

On the other hand, a lady from Georgia points out a nice spot in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson, between the main terminal and the first set of gates, where there’s a museum level of silence (sometimes) and some nice exhibits.


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