Now landing at Dulles: flyer’s strange baggage

NEDCP-Flagg.jpgPeople carry all sorts of stuff with them when they fly, and when they go on along overseas trip to visit relatives, they like to bring something to remind the folks of home. So it probably shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise when the Customs guys found something really bizarre in the luggage of a guy arriving at Washington’s Dulles International from Central Africa: three charred monkey corpses (see below). And that wasn’t all. Alerted by the sniffing of an alert aide (right), the Dulles Customs and Border Protection agents also found 10 pounds of deer meat and another 10 pounds of dried beef in the traveller’s bags. The CPB did not say where the flyer was from. 

The CBP, part of the Homeland Security department, destroyed the 20 pounds of meat but sent the poor


late monkeys to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for further study, said the Dulles port director, Christopher Hess. Hess said, “We respect that certain cultures may consider exotic meat such as primate as a delicacy.” How diplomatic, sir. And a tip of the cap to the unnamed “CPB Canine” (see above) who detected the strange stuff in the now-hungry fellow’s bags. At left, CPB’s photographic evidence of the simian cargoes.

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