Airline sale, but this one’s on the extras

Anyone can cut air fares, but it takes a different airline to offer a break on the extras. That’s just what United is doing with its add-ons and extras, but only if you buy through its website. We don’t
know how much weakness in bookings is behind the promotion, but the deals are something different from the every day holiday bargains. The Chicago-based carrier, for instance is cutting 30% off its legroom offer, Economy Plus seating. This brings the option, which gets you a seat with more legroom up in the front of coach, down $9 to $149 ach way, but the offer is only good for three days. What’s intereresting is that rivals can’t just match it, since no one has exactly the same option on offer. United is offering longer windows on buying a one-time pass to its Red Carpet Club lounges, with a 20% discount to $40, through January 15. That’s also when United’s 45% off offer ends on its door-to-door bag service. This offers FedEx shipping on bags, from a traveller’s home to a destination.

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