United pilots to United flyers: Do not worry.

ImageView.jpgMerry Christmas. Do not be alarmed. The pilots at United have not been a happy lot for a long time, what with messing up their ownership of the carrier then struggling through a really long bankruptcy and seeing their pay pared way back. Since Glenn Tilton came in to United’s executive offices, they’ve been really on the warpath over his pay and perks. Now they’re posting a letter to flyers that says, “We are very much aware that the friendly skies have become less friendly in recent times because of increased costs, reduced flights and cutbacks in in-flight service and amenities. We have been at the forefront when it comes to resisting these cost-cutting initiatives because we do not believe that our passengers should be penalized for the mistakes of United’s management. We still feel that way and are still fighting the fight on behalf of our passengers.” 


The note, which ALPA’s Captain David Kelley says is to be posted on frequent-flyer message boards and chat rooms, goes on to say, “As we get into the winter months, we want you to know that United is an all-weather airline. United pilots pioneered many of the safety innovations such as onboard weather radar, anti-skid brakes, enhanced weather forecasting, and improved navigation instruments that allow safe operation in inclement weather. And we will not allow our airline to fabricate excuses for not serving the needs of our passengers.” Gee, that’s comforting, Dave

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6 Responses to United pilots to United flyers: Do not worry.

  1. barry martin December 20, 2008 at 2:37 am #

    well it is nice to know as a customer that all of the egos at united don’t get along. on 12th september ’08 a plane load of pax were left in a holding pattern at nrt in japan. the local staff was clueless. they left us there for 3 hours without aid. meanwhile china airlines and eva airlines flew on to taipei (tpe) after 2 days we got flown to our destination by china airlines—but hold on they got there 2 days before. i found out that the united pilots deemed it unsafe to fly onwards??? being a pilot i reveiwed the weather facts and concluded that this was equal to a sick out. some professionals, leaving a plane load of pax behind? the pilots should be fired and the management of united asia turned over to china airlines. i guess all of the vietnam vetern pilots have retired? iceman p.s. the ceo of general motors is probably available-try him united?

  2. Meghan @ LAX December 23, 2008 at 7:47 pm #

    Nice piece of propaganda by the United pilots, but those of us working on the airplanes with them see right through this veneer of bs.

    Are pilots waging war with every major airline in the country? They want raises just like the rest of us do, but apparently they haven’t noticed that we’re in recession and our companies are losing money.

    Maybe pilot unions can start spending money on some realism consulting instead of more useless pr stunts.

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