Novel airport idea floated for San Diego

floating_airports_0.jpgIt’s a blast from the past, this idea. A group of Californians say that theirs is the way to replace San Diego’s Lindbergh Field, a single runway airport that is among the smallest in captivity. They want to build a floating airport out in San Diego Bay, reached by underwater tunnels, and also equipped with cruise-ship docking facilities. Although they have from all accounts met with ridicule, their concept is neither totally new (see this illustration from the February, 1934, Modern Mechanix) nor untried. Japan has built a floating airport, and it hasn’t sunk yet.

Lindbergh Field, although wonderfully convenient to the downtown, is crimped by the city on three sides and by the bay on the fourth. It could be expanded where it is, but there are neighbors who will be angry at anything less than a complete shutdown. A few years back, the city tried to persuade local voters to approve a plan to move the airport to a Marine Corps air base, but that didn’t work. Since then, plans have focused on improving the airport where it is.

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  1. nagan srinivasan February 16, 2009 at 2:34 pm #

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    Deepwater Structures Inc. Houston, Texas is doing a model test of an floating airport in a large wave basin at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India for very harsh environment.

    This is a real novel idea with practical engineering design:

    1. The air port is very cost effective
    2. With stand any severe storm in ocean that could occur
    3. Easy to build and assemble.
    4. Modularized structure
    5. Very stable
    6. Large deck load capacity
    7. It could be build in steel or concrete

    The airport is based on column stabilized unit. A USA patent is obtained and maintained.

    The concept would make the San Diego new airport project with half the time and cost.

    The airport is much advanced in design compared to Japan built float airport.

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    Any one wants to see the experiment on the wave behavior of the float airport, could fly to India, Chennai from now to another three weeks. The test will be over by the end of March 2009

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