Fly with us and get even with the fatcats


So is this clever or what? We’re not sure if JetBlue is trying to appeal to the folks these ads are seemingly addressed to or to every else and their resentments but we think the resentments will win. Labelled as an appeal to “bigwigs, muckety-mucks, private-jetters…,” the new advertising campaign by the trendy carrier appeals directly to our hatred of the former fat cats and the (and we quote) “$5,300 an hour you used to pay for your private jet. Now in exchange for these shareholder-friendly prices, you’ll have to share the plane with strangers,” it says, touting JetBlue’s fares and “unlimited free snacks.” The carrier concludes with an interesting definition of air travel: “Just think of it as jet-pooling, only we find the other people for you.”


This is JetBlue’s second recent move to establish itself as the friend of the working stiff. About a week ago, the


carrier said that it would refund a fare if the person who bought it loses his or her job in the next few months.

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