American promises to forget you not

forget-me-not-5.jpgYour flight on American may or may not be memorable, but the airline says it will remember you. The airline says that AAdvantage members, that is flyers enrolled in its loyalty program, who call for flight information will get it faster through new technology. The new ‘Remember Me’ feature will recognize phone numbers and greet customers by name as long as they’re signed up for AAdvantage. Members can list up to three phone numbers from which they’ll call the airline.

If the customer is booked on a flight that day, the system will offer gate and flight data without having to be asked, and will do it within 25 seconds, the airline said. (Above is a Forget-Me-Not in bloom.)

Tellme, a company that Microsoft Corp. bought last year, provides the technology. We hope it works better than American’s e-mail gate and time update and notification service, which promises updates but in our experience delivers it about half the time it’s been signed up for.

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