Southwest pulls out a menu for in-flight munchies

3250156245_d813808374.jpgSometimes it’s easy to forget Southwest. This would be a mistake. The LUV guys are always up to something, and they usually have a fresh take on it. Take food. No, they aren’t serving food on board Southwest, just snacks, but they’re showing some creativity about it. They’ve taken their snack list out of the back of the in-flight magazine and made it into a separate menu card that sits in the seatback. It’s a clever offering and every category seems to begin with ‘S.’ You won’t find any filet mignon or even any chips for sale, because Southwest makes a point not to charge for its simple eats. You won’t find prices next to the LUV line’s booze offerings, but you gotta pay. For free hooch, you gotta sit up front. And Southwest doesn’t have a front. Of course, if you pay for a Business Select fare, you do get a free drink or at least one that’s included in your fare.

One serious note: as on many other US carriers, Southwest’s cabin is cashless. So you can pay two ways: credit cards or the little drinks coupons that the airline has.

A PS: So what’s someone to do if they don’t have a credit card? Well, the airline sells little books of drinks coupons in the airport. You can pay for them with a credit card – or with cash.

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