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AMR’s Tom Horton to AMR’s pilots: be grateful

Investors hear Horton, who suggests a reality check.

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An airline union with a positive message

Stop the presses: an airline union doesn’t grumble, blame or complain.

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Someone takes Ryanair’s O’Leary seriously

That’s the Spirit: No to potty-talk, but as for counterculture, well, maybe.

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Obama releases a few hints on aviation budget

Will he avoid the annual legislative charade?

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Money-losing Virgin America won’t stop fighting

Our first-ever guest blogger, Lori Ranson of ATI and the (perhaps) soon-to-be Ranson Note blog, gets Virgin America’s Dave Cush to open up about holding data back.

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Take that, Southwest. On second thought, don’t.

Vanishing curses – what happened?

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Continental and the strandees

Sure, get off the plane anytime you want.

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Unions and mediation: American’s long, positive view

Mediation: last or first step?

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Novel airport idea floated for San Diego

Seriously, they want to submerge the airport, or at least float it

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Holiday airport crises a ray of sunshine for flyer advocates

Kate Hanni senses momentum

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