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Fee-free fracas starts at on-line booking sites

Did airline fees squeeze the OTAs into dropping their booking fees?

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AA, BA, PJs and ATI: oneworld premium products may differ

Alliance’s ‘metal neutrality’ may not extend to premium pajamas.

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Air Azul’s blue-skies plan

Just like Allegiant, only different.

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O’Leary: we weren’t kidding about airport check-in.

Ryanair’s O’Leary moves his lips, and the world gets suspicious.

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An airline union with a positive message

Stop the presses: an airline union doesn’t grumble, blame or complain.

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Bailout backlash blasts better venues

Kerry crusade crushes conventions, but business blasts him back

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Akron-Canton’s Fred Krum has passed away

Some sad news

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Virgin entry provokes Boston triple response

American moves to squish the newest Virgin America expansion, its Boston entry

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Someone takes Ryanair’s O’Leary seriously

That’s the Spirit: No to potty-talk, but as for counterculture, well, maybe.

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Travelport touting new agency desktop for all brands

A magic box wrapping most major travel agent’s tools into one place?

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