Virgin entry provokes Boston triple response


American moves to squish the newest Virgin America expansion, its Boston entry

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Someone takes Ryanair’s O’Leary seriously

ticket counter.JPG

That’s the Spirit: No to potty-talk, but as for counterculture, well, maybe.

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Obama releases a few hints on aviation budget


Will he avoid the annual legislative charade?

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Tweets tell tales of airline disaster, short and very fast


Not the way an airline wants to be tweeted on Twitter.

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Travelport touting new agency desktop for all brands


A magic box wrapping most major travel agent’s tools into one place?

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US Airways in drinks retreat: buy a pillow, get a soda


Flight attendants rejoice: we’re not sales agents anymore.

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Allegiant’s LAX move links grange with bright lights


The old homestead is calling..and Allegiant is going there.

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