Border crossing, breaking barriers


Air Canada looks south as US airline deals attract investor interest. But will capital cross this border?

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One man’s meat


Coin-operated devices dispense kosher food – in New York airports.

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Senate limboland


With elections looming and air-traffic controllers angry, Senators block a vote on the FAA nominee, Bobby Sturgell.

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Bye-bye, booking bonus


Book online and earn….nothing

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Unbundling the burdens of baggage


United’s plan to charge its lowest-fare flyers extra for checked bags outrages some flyers, predictably.

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We’re here. Did you miss us?


You know Left Field. He used to be over at Airline Business

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Meet David Field


DAVID FIELD has been an aviation reporter since 1982 and is now Americas Editor of AIRLINE BUSINESS, the London-based monthly magazine for executive-level managers that covers airlines worldwide. He covers safety, frequent-flyer and consumer issues as well as labour and financial aspects of airlines and airports. He spent nearly two decades at major daily newspapers, […]

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