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Kayak’s back, but American’s mum

Kayak “delighted” to regain access to American fares; American, busy suing Yahoo, has nothing to say.

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Flight attendants in peaceful pillow protest

Have a pillow, and sign our protest here, please.

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Bankruptcy would be no panacea for US majors

With old fleets gone, bankruptcy is no cure for majors this time around.

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American: Cuts are forever. And ever

American’s cuts are permanent, say Arpey and Horton.

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Lowering the barriers to airline investment

Left Field debates foreign investment in US carriers

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Praise for chairmen past, from AMR’s Crandall to Southwest’s Kelleher

The two big Dallas-based airlines see some big changes.

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Allied Pilots contract is now open

The Allied Pilots contract with American is now officially open for negotiation.

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Arpey takes the blame

American’s chief says he’s to blame – and blame and blame. The flying public takes him up on the offer.

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