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US Airways in drinks retreat: buy a pillow, get a soda

Flight attendants rejoice: we’re not sales agents anymore.

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Extra, extra: extra fees for bag check on sale at United

United starts a short-term sale on bag fees, skins back on second-bag fee

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Delta to begin Northwest’s bigger bag fees

No fee for that first bag – unless we merge.

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Singapore adds ancillaries as Left Field yaks extras on NPR

Small change ahead for ancillaries.

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Wave this credit card, and we’ll waive the bag fee

Have an elite-level credit card? No extra bag fees for you…

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Complex ancillary fees, no easy answers (yet)

A senator wonders why fares and surcharges aren’t lower and why fees aren’t simpler. One silly question, one rather good one.

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United promotes and pushes aside

UAL separates the two customer service guys who were principles in the summer’s big on-board food fight.

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Fuel surcharges disappear in Great White Transparency

Candian carriers ‘dropping’ fuel surcharges? Not quite.

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Ancillaries cheaper than an airport shop

Passengers grumble about fees – but pay them.

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Second-bag fee chain effect? United moves first

United doubles the second bag fee to $50. Who will follow?

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