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Airline sale, but this one’s on the extras

United axes ancillaries – at least for a few days.

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Now landing at Dulles: flyer’s strange baggage

Sniffer dogs ferret out some primate parcels.

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Extra, extra: extra fees for bag check on sale at United

United starts a short-term sale on bag fees, skins back on second-bag fee

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Delta to begin Northwest’s bigger bag fees

No fee for that first bag – unless we merge.

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Fuel surcharges disappear in Great White Transparency

Candian carriers ‘dropping’ fuel surcharges? Not quite.

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Second-bag fee chain effect? United moves first

United doubles the second bag fee to $50. Who will follow?

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Extra bag fees draw more flyer wrath

Anger at fees for checked bags grows

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At the airport checkpoint, is it the bag or the laptop?

New bags will speed your laptop through the airport – unless you’re coming from overseas

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Pour US Airways

US Airways matches United’s match of American, will charge to pour a can of Coke.

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Bags and more bags: who will match American? United will!

United says it, too, will charge for that first checked bag. Now that the Number Two has matched the Number One, American, the pressure’s on everyone else.

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