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Tweets tell tales of airline disaster, short and very fast

Not the way an airline wants to be tweeted on Twitter.

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Continental and the strandees

Sure, get off the plane anytime you want.

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Big Apple baseball deal yanks Delta deeper into Gotham

Atlanta’s Delta faces off against Texas’ American in Manhattan

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Frequent flyer minimum mile awards are less so

Minimum frequent-flyer awards fly away – except for elites.

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Wave this credit card, and we’ll waive the bag fee

Have an elite-level credit card? No extra bag fees for you…

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Old-timers will fly for some time

Boeing 757s on Delta, Continental, Delta MD80s, set to fly for a long time

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Pay for a pillow? Yes, or sleep on a seat

JetBlue starts on-board sales of blankets, pillows.

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No surprise as ExpressJet ends its own operation

ExpressJet gives up on ExpressJet

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Bye Bye, Boeings (Classics, that is)

How much longer for the Boeing 737-300 and -400 (and 500)? Ask US Airways!

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United’s Tilton: an oracle speaks

Glenn Tilton modifies his tune – a little. Is the oracle now a sphinx?

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