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BA’s High Life goes on line

Just the highlights, ma’am: BA’s High Life is on-line

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Virgin Atlantic takes the nod in battle of the websites

Merits aside, Virgin Atlantic’s opposition to BA/AA tie up is a lot more lively than its opposition’s advocacy.

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Zoom zaps flights, strands San Diego

San Diego’s single-runway airport suffers another airline blow.

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Airline trip tips for transatlantic twin towns

MetroTwin, metrotowns: users to give trip tips through new BA site

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Oneworld, one ocean at a time

Anticlimatic AA/BA antitrust campaign

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No Way, AA/BA, again

They haven’t even filed yet, but Richard Branson’s already on the attack against AA, BA.

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Lowering the barriers to airline investment

Left Field debates foreign investment in US carriers

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Cracking down on corporates: the alliances adapt

The global alliances find a tool to monitor corporate compliance with their account requirements.

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Open Skies opens a little

BA’s Open Skies says it’s JFK-Paris.

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