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Someone takes Ryanair’s O’Leary seriously

That’s the Spirit: No to potty-talk, but as for counterculture, well, maybe.

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Extra, extra: extra fees for bag check on sale at United

United starts a short-term sale on bag fees, skins back on second-bag fee

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Delta to begin Northwest’s bigger bag fees

No fee for that first bag – unless we merge.

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Singapore adds ancillaries as Left Field yaks extras on NPR

Small change ahead for ancillaries.

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Wave this credit card, and we’ll waive the bag fee

Have an elite-level credit card? No extra bag fees for you…

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Yields, bag-fees both bigger and better at Continental

Continental paints an upbeat outlook on yields and ancillaries.

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Extra bag fees draw more flyer wrath

Anger at fees for checked bags grows

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Laptop Alert: Checkpoint-friendly bags really are coming

Here they come, checkpoint-friendly laptop bags – whether or not the TSA is ready.

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Just once, an airline is nice. But only once.

Delta makes an exception for reasons of ‘goodwill.’

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Pour US Airways

US Airways matches United’s match of American, will charge to pour a can of Coke.

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