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Delta to begin Northwest’s bigger bag fees

No fee for that first bag – unless we merge.

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Blaming the boss at UAL

Let’s blame Glenn – no matter what.

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Nonagenarian Kahn’s wisdom: no reregulation

Alfred Kahn goes to the Airports Council and warns against airline reregulation.

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A United first: pay to eat in premium and overseas

United breaks a barrier: charges for food on international flights and in Business

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United gives its angry pilots something to be angry about

United to furlough pilots

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Bye Bye, Boeings (Classics, that is)

How much longer for the Boeing 737-300 and -400 (and 500)? Ask US Airways!

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Airlines and agents, strangelove and more

Airlines show more strangelove, dipping into travel agent accounts

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Maybe next year: the UAL-US Airways deal is off

It’s off, officially. US Airways and United will not dance this year.

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Broken China: new routes are off, for a while. Or more

Airlines fought over routes to China, but now they’re backing off.

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United’s Tilton: an oracle speaks

Glenn Tilton modifies his tune – a little. Is the oracle now a sphinx?

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