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Fee-free fracas starts at on-line booking sites

Did airline fees squeeze the OTAs into dropping their booking fees?

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Obama releases a few hints on aviation budget

Will he avoid the annual legislative charade?

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US Airways in drinks retreat: buy a pillow, get a soda

Flight attendants rejoice: we’re not sales agents anymore.

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Complex ancillary fees, no easy answers (yet)

A senator wonders why fares and surcharges aren’t lower and why fees aren’t simpler. One silly question, one rather good one.

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Midway’s mythical $8 pretzel

New owners: no ripoffs at Southwest-dominated Midway Airport.

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Second-bag fee chain effect? United moves first

United doubles the second bag fee to $50. Who will follow?

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Ancillaries again in and on the air

Ancillary fees are again the topic de jour.

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A victory (of sorts) in the travel agent/airline wars

Travel agents win a temporary victory in their long-running battle with the airlines.

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Antler comeback, or carry on punning

a retort to our post on bag fees

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Bags, bags, bags: who will match American?

American’s fee for a first bag (first, not second) raises eyebrows and ire

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