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ABC News: Oil crisis was timely

Gee, thanks for the oil crisis. Appreciate it.

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US aviation crisis: word gets out

Left Field talks to Polish cable television

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Coalitions, sites battle over airlines, oil

Who’s behind this anti-anti-speculation site?

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Left Field talks air travel on Fox

Left Field goes on local television – which shows a screenshot of Left Field.

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Bleak autumn for flight schedules (II)

If you didn’t already know it, here’s further evidence of a bleak winter coming for US – and world – airlines.

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Bleak autumn for flight schedules

Autumn schedules look a little anaemic, according to AmEx

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Mike Levine looks ahead and sees two airline worlds

Mike Levine asks if we will see a gradual systemic split between leisure and business flying.

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Crandall joins the call: bring ‘em back to the Capitol

Bob Crandall joins a call for Bush to re-convene Congress for an energy debate.

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Airlines lobby on energy, but Norm Mineta despairs

US airlines lobby against speculators, but Norm Mineta is not sanguine about major energy reform.

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US airlines: worth even less and less

The airlines wear a smaller and tighter market cap

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