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Travelport touting new agency desktop for all brands

A magic box wrapping most major travel agent’s tools into one place?

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Falling fares for spring?

Is this counter-intuitive? Some fares may well be down.

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Peluso departure tests Travelocity

Michelle Peluso’s Travelocity departure leaves a gnomic legacy

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From Wal-Mart the buyer to Sabre the seller

Switching sides, from buyer to seller

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United says Sabre supports its better-seat sell-up

Sabre seat sell-up system supports United’s legroom offer.

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Amadeus Airline Retailing Platfrom_Ancillary Services Illustration_19NOV08.JPG

Airline unbundling becomes an onscreen battle

Sabre says bring it on and add ‘em up, unbundles the bundled, as Amadeus, Travelport say they’ll be even more advanced approaching ancillary attributes.

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Unbundling or a la carte, Amadeus, Sabre on the case

From the big Global Distribution Systems to travel agency hook-ups, the middlemen are making it easier to offer the unbundled or a-la-carte approach to ticket sales.

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EasyJet scrapes up against Ryanair

EasyJet moves to differentiate itself again, but vaguely

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Spiritual Journeys: Vatican chooses Sabre

The Vatican chooses Sabre for its group travel office

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The genie goes back in the bottle

G2 SwitchWorks, a ‘Genie’ that was going to replace the old-fashioned Global Distribution System, gets bought out and will be used a company that owns two of the GDSs.

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