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Hello, Columbus (airport)

Things are finally looking up at the Columbus, Ohio, airport.

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AirTran goes where Skybus failed

AirTran tries Columbus, where Skybus failed and where JetBlue backed off; it also aims at Harrisburg.

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Stewart in a stew as airlines pull

New York state’s Stewart Airport, once seen as a NYC alternative, is in a downturn.

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Everything’s fine. Don’t worry. Really

Low-cost carriers scramble to assure folks that they can still fly even though others aren’t.

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Weekly world woes

Airlines in the States, Boeing, have little to laugh about

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Edging out Southwest by a fraction of a point

Skybus sneaks a few flyers by Southwest in its home town.

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And biggy makes two

US Airways matches United’s fee on extra checked bags – and its special exemptions for elite level flyers as extra or ‘ancillary’ charges catch on

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Unbundling the burdens of baggage

United’s plan to charge its lowest-fare flyers extra for checked bags outrages some flyers, predictably.

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