Power line sortie…


Working for Flight Evening News recently, one of my ‘leads’ offered me a flight to demonstrate a helicopter system that detects power lines. To protect the innocent names are fictional. Captain Pieere ze crazy French ex-army helicopter pilote started the engines on the Twin Squirrel. There were light winds and it was a nice day […]

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Giant of the skies, the Zeppelin NT becomes part of a Stefan Szczesny art project.


Creating large shadows across Friedrichshafen, the New Technology Zeppelin (NT) is operating pleasure flights with a famous livery designed by German artist Stefan Szczesny. The naked woman strategically holding a bowl of fruit somehow reflects Szczeny’s latest art project. The great work of art has transformed Mainau Island in Lake Constance, into the dream of […]

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Some pictures from Aero 2007…


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What’s to come about Aero 2007

Come back in a few days to see our video posts: I hope to fly in a Cirrus SR22; Eclipse 500 lands in Europe for the first time; Grob SPn flies the first time in public since the fatal crash, 29 November 2006, and a quick round-up of the major events at the show.

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Aero makes impact on European GA

There was a tremendous air of excitement and expectation in Friedrichshafen today as Europe’s general aviation community gathered for the start of the sixteenth Aero exhibition. This event, which is held every two years, is arguably the leading showcase for GA in Europe covering a multitude of owner-flown aircraft from gliders to very light jets […]

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Hello from Aero 2007


Just a quick hello from Friedrichshafen, where Aero 2007 is just taking off (please excuse the pun). Kate Sarsfield and I will be posting over the next two days with pictures of new aircraft and aircraft concepts displayed at the show. The events that we expect to happen are: The new Diamond DA50 Super Star […]

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Guess the airbase returns!

Mystery A.jpg

As a bumper offering after a long period of silence, I’ve got a batch of three mystery airbases for you to identify. I won’t tell you what I was flying in, because naming the operator would only cause confusion. Those two are both pretty straightforward, so I’ll chuck the following in as well: there’s a […]

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Which airport is this? Number 5

I had a great 1h 10min flight in a two-seater on Wednesday (I won’t reveal the type just yet in case it gives anyone an advantage in spotting the airport), including my first ever opportunity to perform a touch and go landing outside of a simulator. Don’t worry, the photo was taken during a previous circuit […]

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Don’t go here on your PPL!

Kabul approach.jpg

Okay, these aren’t exactly eligible for Kelley’s ‘Which airport is this’ series, but I thought I’d share a couple of approach pictures with you (including a way-hairy one!) from an RAF C-130J sortie I hitched a ride on last week. The above shot is on finals to Kabul, Afghanistan in what can only be described as British-style weather […]

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Channel 4 News Goes After Suspected CIA Torture Flights with a GAR Form

I caught the tail-end of a news report on Channel 4 last night and was surprised to see Sarah Smith holding a GAR (general aviation report) form. All private pilots will know this form must be filled prior to flying (literally) overseas.  The GAR notifies Customs, Immigration and the Police (including Special Branch) of your […]

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