Details from NSR’s hot new report on satellite communications

Want to know what level of satellite bandwidth demand is likely to be required in each regional market? Get in line, baby. That’s the $64 million dollar question that market research and consulting firm Northern Sky Research (NSR) tackles in a new report on aeronautical satellite communications. It’s also a question I dared to ask of NSR analyst – and satcom expert – Claude Rousseau, even though the firm gets paid a nice fee to provide the answer.


Okay, so Rousseau didn’t bite on that one (can you blame him?) But I didn’t leave our e-mail exchange completely empty-handed. Far from it, in fact! Here’s what Rousseau would tell me. The rest you can find in the report.

1) The market for Ku-band satellite bandwidth will grow by more than 55 TPE (or transponder equivalent based on 36 MHz transponders) between now and the end of 2013, forecasts NSR. That’s the equivalent of more than 1 average-sized GEO satellite these days!

2) The NSR Ku–band forecast for aeronautical satellite services is driven first by the business jet market and secondly (and more extensively), by expected deployments of satellite solutions with former Connexion-by-Boeing (CbB) clients first (in Europe and Asia), and full fleet deployments afterwards if current trials are conclusive (especially in North America)

NSR has not done an L-band transponder equivalent forecast in the report, but rather an L-band equipment and services revenues forecast for various categories of airplanes “that leaves no doubt that capacity will be increasingly used on these systems for aircrafts and business jets”, says Rousseau.

So there you have it. Who’s working hard for the money? I’m so glad I read the crap out of Jane Austen in college as it has been so very useful in satellite transponder chat!

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