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Top heavy at Northwest and bottom heavy at American?

What a week it has been for the US air transport industry, eh? Mesa Air Group appears to have narrowly avoided Chapter 11 after prevailing in a court case against Delta Air Lines. US Airways and United Airlines have decided that a merger doesn’t make sense under current economic conditions (note to Delta and Northwest). […]

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How Panasonic’s X marks the spot

Since writing my “sexy stuff” blog about Panasonic Avionics’ iPod integration strategy and supplying comment to Flight International about the significance of this move, I’ve been fielding some further queries about the system, which includes a seat-installed “eXport” jack and “smart” cable.   One curious reader asks:  “So, does this mean regular USB – or […]

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Saab story is not a sob story for turboprop

AMR Corp yesterday announced that wholly-owned subsidiary American Eagle Airlines will retire its Saab 340B fleet by year-end, and realign its operations at San Juan by transitioning 12 66-seat ATR 72s to Dallas. Here is management’s memo to American Eagle employees (in two parts). saabpage 1.pdf   saabpage 2.pdf   So what does this mean […]

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Stock-based compensation awards at AMR: Let’s talk timing

From a public relations standpoint, the timing couldn’t be worse. AMR Corp’s board of directors boosted the stock-based compensation of its five most senior executives just one day before the company announced major capacity cuts, job losses, potential facility closures and that controversial $15 charge for the first checked bag.   A 22 May filing […]

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An Aircell patent revealed

Looking for a little light reading as we head into the Memorial Day Weekend? Then look no further. An Aircell patent application that was filed on 31 October 2006 has just been published. It details the company’s invention for providing multiple radio frequency communication links simultaneously between the aircraft and multiple terrestrial cell sites.    US20080102814.pdf […]

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A planet for pearls

Yesterday, businessman Lou Pearlman was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for running a lengthy scam that swindled folks out of $300 million. Pearlman is best known as having founded popular boy bands Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, and living large. You might also recall that he had his fingers in the aviation business. Pearlman’s […]

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Unique Russian take on Bombardier Toronto

I’m stuck into serious business today – American and American Eagle face big fleet cuts, job losses and potential facility closures. For some momentary relief, a colleague sent me this – a humorous video taken by a group of visitors to Bombardier’s Toronto facility. Check it out. Unique is the word.  

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Floating an amphibious idea: enthusiast designs widebody twin hull flying boat

What will commercial aircraft look like in the future? To answer this question, a revisit to the past might be necessary. This includes studying a possible return to seaplanes for cities within 30 miles of coastal waters, Airbus VP strategic marketing Philippe Jarry said in mid-March at the ISTAT conference in Orlando. Jarry makes a […]

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Major Aircell news coming in June

Aircell’s new EVP of airline solutions, John Happ, will be in Washington DC during the last week of June to discuss “major news” about the company.   Happ, previously of Frontier and Continental, will hold press briefings about what is in store for Aircell, and how this will have a larger competitive impact on the […]

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In-flight connectivity update

For those of you waiting with bated breath for the launch of in-flight broadband connectivity, I’ve got some interesting news to report. Panasonic Avionics has revealed it is in the process of finalizing contracts with key partners for its eXConnect broadband system, and will shortly announce “a supplier or suppliers” for the ever-important antenna. Launch […]

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