Shareholder to Bombardier: “Open your wings and name more women to the board”

Bombardier’s annual meeting of shareholders is currently underway. The company has just fielded shareholder proposals, including one that calls for better parity of men and women on the board of directors.

“Open your wings and name more women on the board,” urges a Bombardier shareholder, who notes that the women of today are going “beyond what men are doing right now” and should be better represented on the board.  

Bombardier’s management team might also benefit from a shot of estrogen. But I digress. Kudos to this ballsy shareholder, who also suggests Bombardier has the ability to set a standard by naming more female directors and shaming its competition (ahem, note to boy-heavy Embraer).

And since we’re talking girl power, I’d like to highlight one female pilot’s answer to the pilot shortage. Captain Karen Kahn, one of the nation’s first female commercial pilots has written and published Flight Guide for Success: Tips & Tactics for the Aspiring Airline Pilot to help guide individuals entering the aviation field or considering flying planes as a career. The book is in its third reprint.


“Pursuing a career as a pilot, particularly a commercial pilot, is a painfully complex business,” says Kahn. “Having gone through the process myself, I knew I could assist others more easily navigate the process by writing this book.”


Additionally, Kahn addresses what she considers to be the myths associated with starting a pilot career later in life. “The average age for hiring an airline pilot is 35,” says Kahn. ”With age discrimination looming as a legal deterrent, airlines no longer list upper age limits for new hires, preferring to consider pilot qualifications on their own merits. Further, older pilots bring a maturity level to the job that instills confidence in passengers as well.”


Kahn answers a number of questions in her book, including: how old is too old to become a professional pilot; are the days of cockpit discrimination over; and how should pilots handle blemishes on their backgrounds?


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  1. RobH June 4, 2008 at 12:36 pm #

    Hopefully the culture will change in the U.S as the boomer population moves on. Latin countries, though: not in my lifetime.

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