The news is in: American will test Aircell’s Gogo on Wednesday

Aircell in May promised that it would have major news to discuss this month. We now know what that news entails. Tomorrow, American Airlines will start testing Aircell’s Gogo connectivity service on two Boeing 767-200 flights linking JFK to/from LAX.

The entire system (end-to-end) will be tested to “make sure we’re ready to launch”, says American.

Aircell map.jpg

Passengers will be able to take the system on a free ride – for now.

During testing this week American “will be observing the performance of the network to ensure that it operates the same way in ‘real life’ as it has during the months of testing we’ve conducted”.

The carrier says it will be studying “how a variety of web services, such as browsing, streaming video, and file attachment downloads – to name just a few – impact the service during a live commercial flight”.


The rest of the 767-200s earmarked for the carrier’s broader 15-aircraft test will be turned on in the coming weeks pending the outcome of this test.

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