True industry veteran readies to bid adieu

One of the few, true pre-deregulation legacy guys left in the industry who has seen it all is leaving, says US Airways. The man in question? US Airways senior vice president, technical operations Hal Heule, who’s 41-year career spanned  Pan American, Texas International Airlines, Continental Airlines, America West Airlines and US Airways, as well as seven years in aviation consulting with Strand Associates.

Hal Heule.JPG


Hal will retire in September, but continue to serve as an advisor to US Airways until the end of the year.


He is known amongst his US Airways colleagues as being a modest man, despite playing an instrumental role in several milestones during the America West and US Airways merger, most notably when the FAA granted the airline a single operating certificate in September of 2007.


Hal, your fellow US Airways cohorts – and the industry – will miss you. It’s sad to see him go, says a US Airways staffer.


(Photo from US Airways)


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