Two Virgins and a spaceship

Space tourism is on the horizon and Virgin Galactic has the great good sense to team-up with sister Virgin America to cross-promote the first ever rollout of its spaceship launch vehicle, the WhiteKnight II (WK2) “mothership” in Mojave, California on 28 July.

Branson and Virgin Galactic.jpg

San Francisco-headquartered Virgin America, of which Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group holds some ownership, will fly special guests, including press, from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the Mojave Desert for the rollout.

This will link “the newest and most fuel efficient fleet flying in the US today” with the ”very future of government and commercial aerospace”. Clever!

Leadership from Virgin Galactic and Virgin America will also announce what they are calling “a unique partnership”, including a pilot exchange and a “Race for Space” initiative tied to Virgin America’s EleVAte frequent flier loyalty program. A top EleVAte frequent flier will be able to actually earn his or her way to a seat on a suborbital space flight.

Virgin Galactic aims to launch sub-orbital spaceflights in 2010. Check out the invite below.

Virgin invite.JPG

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