Virgin America’s Charles Ogilvie heads back to Panasonic

It’s official. Charles Ogilvie, one of the top airline IFE talking heads in the industry, is leaving Virgin America on Friday to take up a position at Panasonic (he previously worked for the manufacturer). Here is Virgin America CEO David Cush’s email to employees:

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Dear Teammates:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Charles Ogilvie is leaving his position as Director of In-flight Entertainment and Partnerships at Virgin America.  Charles will be pursuing a unique opportunity– to lead Panasonic’s in-flight entertainment and new airborne technology platforms in China.  Charles will be based in Shanghai and will report directly to their CEO.  

Charles started with Virgin America four years ago and was one of a small group of talented, innovative and passionate individuals who were driven to create a different kind of airline – one that people would actually like, and maybe even love.  

Charles was the creative and operational force behind the development of the Red in-flight entertainment system, working tirelessly to oversee its design and build out the system’s impressive content partnerships with dozens of movie studios, television networks, record labels, web sites, and other entertainment partners.

The result is a system that is the most advanced in-fight entertainment system in the U.S. skies, with a diversity and breadth of programming, films, games and other offerings that dwarf that of any other domestic airline.  That Charles was chosen by Panasonic for this important position is not only a reflection of his talent but also a nod to the leadership position that Virgin America has taken in in-flight entertainment.  

Please join me in thanking Charles for his contributions to this company and congratulating him on his next chapter as Executive Director of China at Panasonic.



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