Probing the interior

The time has come to use this blog for the noble cause of self promotion. On 9-10 September, I will have the pleasure of moderating some panels at the iinteriors.jpgnaugural Airline Interiors Expo – Americas event, which is making its debut in Long Beach, California.

Co-located with the annual World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition, Interiors’ forums will explore how and why airlines should be using the cabin environment to differentiate themselves; what drives a culture of cabin innovation; and how airlines can make new technology pay.

In addition, noted researcher and blogger, Addison Schonland – IAG will deliver the results of a hard-hitting industry and consumer survey about airline comfort. Please feel free to participate in the survey at

That all sounds wonderful, you say, but aren’t cabin amenities for those of us in steerage being chucked out the window, especially on domestic flights? Aren’t we being nickled and dimed for even basic necessities?

Clearly we’re going to see more “pay as you go” items. But this is one road warrior who welcomes the chance to browse the Internet, use e-mail or have a quick phone chat in-flight, even if it means paying a fee.

In any case, the future windfall of ancillary revenue from these endeavours could be substantial to airlines. Recent research from MultiMedia Intelligence suggests that the market for in-flight broadband services is poised to grow to $936 million in passenger revenue in 2012, up from initial revenue of $6.6 million this year. Similarly, the market for in-flight live direct broadcast video is projected to grow from $87 million in 2007 to $913 million in 2012.

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