The Canadian shuffle – Newair and old air, Zoom

As one door closes, another door opens.

So it would seem the case in Canada where Zoom Airlines has found itself in dire financial straights. The carrier has closed its doors and entered administration, after one of its 767s was ceased at Calgary airport by its owner.

At the same time, however, proposed Canadian start-up Newair & Tours is Zoom.jpgmoving quickly to gain certification, and recently secured a lease for a single Boeing 737-700 from Aviation Capital Group.

I’d like to say that the writing was on the wall for niche carrier Zoom (can you say Harmony, Canjet?). But Zoom gave no such indication of in June when, at a conference in London, Zoom managing director Jonathan Hinkles said the carrier was looking at another six US airports suitable for its services.

While admitting that customer confidence was affecting the UK market, Hinkle said the US and Canadian markets were still performing satisfactorily.

Gee. What a difference two months make!

Meanwhile, Newair & Tours – which will change its name to something more appropriate in the not-too-distant – plans to lease four additional aircraft by the end of its first year of operations, reports Flight’s premium news service Air Transport Intelligence.

Left, right, left. Do the shuffle… 

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