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JetBlue and Palin.jpg

Palin-esque and a JetBlue plane

JetBlue Airways’ Flickr photo stream has some nice shots of the chartered Embraer 190 being used to fly vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin around the nation. But one is hard-pressed to find a JetBlue logo alongside the McCain-Palin jet. Hard-pressed that is until one happens upon the page of fellow Flickr photog “mocr“, who snapped the following […]

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VIDEO: CRJ1000 first flight…a little dash will do ya

You may wonder why I’m highlighting the presence of this video a full three weeks after the Bombardier CRJ1000 made its first flight. Well, here’s the thing. The friendly YouTuber who posted the flight test video on 8 September called the aircraft the CRJ-1000. In an archival search, the dash makes all the difference. (For those […]

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Should India focus on turboprops and leave the RJs to Sukhoi?

It has been a little while so let’s get back to some regional aircraft chat, shall we? For starters, some interesting news is coming out of India about the Government’s plan for a 70-110-seater. The Hindu reports that Indian scientists, developers and operators met last week to initiate the regional aircraft project. Key quote: “The […]

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US Airways lavs are free because drinks aren’t

It is absolutely remarkable how US Airways is able to spin silk out of the scruffiest sow’s ear. The carrier says that since it started selling beverages, its aircraft aisles are clearer and the bathroom is freer (presumably because passengers’ bladders aren’t full of pricey cola). Don’t believe me? Here’s what the carrier told employees in its […]

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Airlines get pissed off over urine tests

If you’re an airline employee under mandate to take a drug test, you best leave your Whizzinator at home. Effective 1 November, the US DOT will require airlines to “directly observe” employee urination in certain instances, such as when an employee returns to duty or requires a follow-up test. Let’s just call these observers the […]

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Just a touch and you’re dining gate-side

Apart from the fact that JetBlue Airways will offer passengers free Wi-Fi at its new Terminal 5 at New York JFK airport (as it does in Terminal 6), my favourite part of the new facility is… The remote food ordering systems in the gate areas! Called re:vive, the touch-screen monitors let travellers order meals that […]

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Blue on Blue: Photos of Azul livery on E-190

Well that was fast. No sooner does JetBlue announce that it is leasing E-190s to Azul (Portuguese for Blue) and photos emerge of the paint job. VEM Maintenance & Engineering is responsible for the work. Azul – which is being launched by JetBlue founder David Neeleman – plans to launch service with two E-190s and […]

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Yes Mary, it works…SpinVox looks skyward

The great thing about boundaries is that they force people to think of clever ways to overcome them. Take for example SpinVox, a technology company that turns voice messages into text and is now targeting US travellers, who are currently prohibited from using cellular-based voice services during flight. With SpinVox, passengers can continue to receive […]

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JetBlue unveils new T5 at JFK

Updated to include new details and pics (and fix wacky font) When JetBlue Airways launched service in 2000 many a skeptic questioned the low-cost carrier’s logic for making New York JFK its home. Sure, a slog through crowded JFK was a necessary evil for many an international traveler. But how in the world could a local, domestic […]

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Fashionably trashy at Pittsburgh airport

Calling something or someone trashy isn’t usually considered a complement. But for environmental artist and designer Nancy Judd, the description fits perfectly for her new art exhibit at Pittsburgh International Airport. The exhibit, dubbed Recycle Runway, features couture fashions and accessories made from recyclable trash, including a bulk mail fan skirt and a rusty nail […]

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