Just a touch and you’re dining gate-side

Apart from the fact that JetBlue Airways will offer passengers free Wi-Fi at its new Terminal 5 at New York JFK airport (as it does in Terminal 6), my favourite part of the new facility is…OTG_1.JPG

The remote food ordering systems in the gate areas! Called re:vive, the touch-screen monitors let travellers order meals that are delivered directly to their gate-side tables.

Re:vive received a tremendous reception at Monday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, with plenty of “oohs and aahs” from the crowd.

Developed by JetBlue’s food and beverage concession partner OTG Management, the systems “are unique to JetBlue and T5 and were conceived as a way to offer customers a convenient dining option at the gate”, says JetBlue.

There will be 220 re:vive touch screens located throughout T5. And JetBlue is making sure there are lots of outlets to plug in and recharge, from the gate areas to the steps of the grandstand in the marketplace, to the re:vive food ordering stations. Sweet!

I can picture it now – eating a hand-delivered sandwich and drinking a refreshing beverage while doing some Runway Girl blogging from a fully charged laptop.

Hey, it looks like JetBlue is practicing on the ground what it will no doubt eventually offer in-flight!!!

The carrier is on track with T5′s construction and the terminal operating systems. The remaining work to be completed is with the concessions. “We will open T5 in October with all customer service elements in place (exact date TBD),” says JetBlue.

Meanwhile, OTG Management has plans “in the near future” to take the remote food ordering concept to other airports, says a spokeswoman for the company.


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