US Airways lavs are free because drinks aren’t

It is absolutely remarkable how US Airways is able to spin silk out of the scruffiest sow’s ear. The carrier says that since it started selling beverages, its aircraft aisles are clearer and the bathroom is freer (presumably because passengers’ bladders aren’t full of pricey cola).

Don’t believe me? Here’s what the carrier told employees in its latest newsletter.

Water droplet.jpg

“Fewer customers buying beverages means the [food and beverage] cart isn’t in the aisle for an hour or two and that people can get up to use the lav more easily. Speaking of lavs, the lines are also shorter (or non-existent). Flight attendants can then focus more on the safety and comfort of our customers while navigating through the aisle more easily. Simply put, the cabin atmosphere is calmer.”

Does this mean that the food and beverage programme hasn’t been a success? Au contraire, my calm, un-bloated friend.

“A la carte/ancillary revenues have been widely successful and at US [Airways], we anticipate generating an additional $400-$500 million in revenue annually,” reports the carrier.

Let me make certain I understand this correctly. The programme has been a wild financial success but not so successful that it’s causing a run on the toilet? Got it.

I promise to leave the bathroom blogs alone for a while. I just couldn’t help myself on this one (I was bursting). But before I do, how can we tie all this bathroom business into a blog about in-flight connectivity? Here’s how:


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