American Airlines’ passengers are angels but who cares?

Aircell did its part to prevent users of its Gogo in-flight connectivity service from logging on to XXX web sites.

In its “In-flight Etiquette” video the company urged: “When it comes to the sites you visit, be an angel. Remember you are in public. You wouldn’t want to shock your neighbour or reveal confidential information.”

Passengers heeded Aircell’s suggestion. American Airlines in a statement last week said it “has not experienced any reported incidents of customers viewing inappropriate content via the Gogo service”.

Nonetheless, shortly after reports surfaced that Delta Air Lines will filter pornographic content when it begins offering Gogo to passengers, American announced its own plan to do the same, saying its decision was based on feedback from customers – the Girls Against Porn group? – and employees (read flight attendants).

angel.JPG“American is following our lead. We announced the week before they did, kind of left them in an awkward position since they’re already out there flying [Gogo],” says a Delta Air Lines spokesman.

So American garners the distinction of being the first US major to offer full in-flight Internet, while Delta gets the distinction of being the first US major to formally announce plans to police the skies.

I assure you I don’t advocate XXX viewing in-flight. I grew up watching Highway to Heaven and Little House on the Prairie for God’s sakes (good ole Half Pint).

At the same token, however, one must ask just where the line is going to be drawn. Who decides what qualifies as porn? Readers addressed some of these questions in response to a previous RWG post.

Will Air Canada and Virgin America – two leaders in the in-flight entertainment sector that plan to offer Gogo – now follow suit?

Quite possibly. Girls Against Porn is now urging folks to contact Virgin and tell them to filter porn on the carrier’s flights.  

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2 Responses to American Airlines’ passengers are angels but who cares?

  1. Bob October 14, 2008 at 10:49 am #

    I’m sorry, but are the companies involved kind of acting like children? GoGo has a rather silly video and Delta is like, “Na na nana na, we beat American to the filtering punch.”
    Although I hate the fact that a group such as GAP feels they have to be the great saviors of the flying public also, come on, we are not all like Peter Cook, “Mr. Brinkley the moron”, (as I like to call him). $6,000 per month on porn and having a fling with a 18 year old because he needed something he didn’t have in his marriage. Pllllease.
    But seriously, I still don’t believe that the flying customers that have laptops with them are going to be that dumb. Who in their right mind even opens confidential information when you know darn well that someone will look next to, or behind you at that screen. It’s like a magnet for bored people.

  2. Mary Kirby October 14, 2008 at 5:09 pm #

    I only saw snippets of Bab’s interview with Peter but it was cringe-worthy stuff for certain. What in the world was he thinking when he agreed to sit for this interview? And if being married to Christie Brinkley isn’t enough to keep a guy excited, what hope is there for the rest of us?