FlightView’s mobile app and a weather snap

Here at RWG we like our mobile apps to be cool but useful. FlightView’s newest offering clears both requirements.

Picture this. You’re enjoying sun and fun on the island of Nevis when you receive word that Hurricane Omar is headed for the Northeastern CaribbeFlightView Mobile Image.JPGan. Bugger. You’re on the only flight to San Juan that day but your connection to DC requires a stop through Miami in the early evening. You’ve got a hunch that this spells a lengthy delay at the least.

You grab your flight, but while the aircraft is on the ground you whip out your smartphone and pull up http://mobile.flightview.com.

With this app, you find a flight through JFK an hour earlier and book it by calling reservations. You’re back in DC about 10 minutes ahead of the original schedule.

That’s a simple but true story from a guy who last month learned the joys of having FlightView Mobile in the palm of his handheld.

And what about that flight through Miami? It was delayed by five hours.

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